Vehículo Autónomo

Autonomous future, today

We brings autonomous mobility solutions for people and goods to life with our expert technology, quality delivery and integrity.


Autonomous Vehicles are transforming mobility as we know it.

It is one of today’s most ambitious technological challenges. Once widespread, this revolutionary technology has the potential to improve safety and save lives by eliminating costly human errors, to offer additional mobility options in places with lack of public transport such as rural areas or to better transport goods in all kind of environments.

EasyMile delivers fully driverless vehicles with a focus on specific use cases in order to make autonomous technology available today and launch the mobility revolution.

Vehículo autónomo EZ10

Electric and driverless, the EZ10 shuttle was first launched in April 2015. It boasts a proven track record of over 200 deployments and more than 600,000 km driven in autonomous mode. The EZ10 is currently deployed on public and private roads and more than 25 countries over 4 continents. Shared, flexible, and inclusive, the EZ10 is the best solution to solve the first and last mile challenge.


The TractEasy is the autonomous version of the market leader Jet 16 produced by TLD. The tow tractor is equipped with a full range of sensors – such as LIDARS, cameras, GPS, IMU, odometry – enabling safe and reliable navigation on a pre-mapped area without a need for additional infrastructure. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor, can operate in extended weather conditions, can safely drive in mixed traffic (cars, pedestrians, bikes), and can operate on uneven grounds thanks to its ground clearance.

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